End DC's Voter Suppression

The people of DC live under a potent form of voter suppression. The blanket prohibition of voting for Senators and a voting member of the House locks 700,000 residents of DC out of any representation in Congress. And since any Member of Congress can nullify DC’s local laws, DC’s local elected officials’ actions representing their constituents are compromised as well.

A majority white unelected body – Congress - has oversight and veto power over a majority person of color jurisdiction - DC. By definition, this is racist and has been cited by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly as a violation of human rights international law.

Statehood is the solution to this injustice.

Representation is a treasured value of being an American. Support this value by supporting DC Statehood.
Urge your elected officials to support full democracy for the people of DC by supporting DC Statehood.

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Thank you for taking action and please help further by sending this to a friend or loved one outside DC.  We need the support across the country to stop Congress from messing with our local laws.