Stand Up Now For DC Autonomy

Four different attacks on local laws here in the District of Columbia have been launched in 2017.

  • On January 18th, Senator Marco Rubio decided that while he's protected in the Capitol Building from gun laws, DC residents don't deserve the same in their neighborhoods.
  • On January 17th, Rep. Chris Smith decided that the women of DC should be treated differently than the women in his home state of New Jersey. 
  • On January 12th, Senator James Lankford and Rep. Brad Wenstrup made the decision that even though the DC Council passed a measure on an 11-2 vote before Mayor Bowser signed it, Washingtonians weren't able to make their own end of life decisions.
  • On May 21st, the White House submitted a budget that would deny DC the right to use locally raised tax funds to implement a locally supported program - our dignity in death program. 

We should all be able to agree that DC's elected officals are responsible for legislation in the District. The United States Congress should not continue to make residents here second-class citizens by applying their views to our laws willy-nilly.  

In 2016 Congress attempted to change of over-rule DC Law 25 different times. Now in 2017 it has taken just 17 days for the first three measures to come up. 

Tell the Senate and House of Representatives that enough is enough - District residents deserve the right to self-determination.

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Thank you for taking action and please help further by sending this to a friend or loved one outside DC.  We need the support across the country to stop Congress from messing with our local laws.