Become an National Organizer for DC Statehood!

DC Needs You!  

Become a District435 Ambassador Today!

The ongoing outrage of Congress bullying DC - especially after our 86% approval of statehood - is energizing residents to fight back in new ways. DC Vote is launching District 435 to help focus and intensify this civic energy through coordinated education and action that really shows how much support we have.
Many of us have family and friends across the nation. Some of us have business interests in other states. Together we can harness their support of our efforts to hold off Congress from attacking DC and to build support for statehood.
Got a few folks you can reach out to? Then you can be our Ambassador from our District to theirs!
What do you have to do?

Fill out this form - include the address information for the people you know other places so we can match you to a district.  (We only use the data for matching, we won't do anything else with it.)

You will serve as a coach and trainer to the people who live in each Congressional District.

We'll give you talking points, briefings and actions that you can motivate your networks to take part in. You - our ambassadors - will send us back the results of the education and action efforts so that DC Vote can track the effectiveness of the program. 

Sample Activities we'll help you coach your friends and family on:

·         Attend a Town Hall and ask about DC Statehood or autonomy

·         Submit a Letter to the Editor or Op/Ed on DC Statehood and autonomy

·         Drop by the District office of a Member of Congress

·         Take a digital action

·         When you are visiting your district, host a house party of friends to talk about DC Statehood and autonomy

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