Sign, then dance, for DC Statehood!

For democracy to work for all of us, it must include all of us. It must include those of us living in DC where we are barred from having an equal voice and any representation in Congress simply because of where we live.  

By recognizing DC as a state, we can ensure that the full rights and equal freedoms that every American in the states have also apply to the residents of DC. No person’s zip code, political party, or the color of their skin should prevent them from having a say in decisions that affect our families, our communities, and our country.  

Statehood for Washington, DC is the permanent solution to the centuries-old treatment of the residents of DC, treatment long rooted in racism. By becoming the 51st state, DC will proudly be the state with the largest Black population.   

Never before have the people of DC been so close to winning full rights through Statehood. We must keep the momentum strong. 

By signing this petition, I declare my support for DC Statehood! 

(After you sign get ready to dance!)

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6436 Signatures

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Morgan C. Washington, DC
Effie T. Washington, DC
Geoffrey H. Washington, DC
Benjamin S. Washington, DC
Mekhi W. Washington, DC
Kinyofu M. Washington, DC
Amy S. Coraopolis, PA
Barb D. Youngstown, OH
Barb D. Youngstown, OH
Jamie D. Columbus, OH
Vivin Q. Washington, DC
Josie S. Washington, DC
Jennifer R. Washington, DC
Michael K. Washington, DC
Chad K. Washington, DC
Victoria D. Washington, DC
Sharon H. Washington, DC
Jordan L. Alexandria, VA
Randy M. Downingtown, PA
Rachell S. Frederick, MD
Rachael E. Magnolia, TX
Nokia M. San Antonio, TX
Al -. Cincinnati, OH
Irena V. York, PA
Shelby P. Las Vegas, NV
Amanda L. Washington, DC
Kristen G. Washington, DC
Couvillion B. Washington, DC
Kaine G. Washington, DC
Monecia S. Washington, DC
Jesper B. Washington, DC
Emily K. Washington, DC
Claire S. Washington, DC
Annie H. Washington, DC
Kelsey S. Washington, DC
Lauren M. Washington, DC
Rio D. Hillcrest Heights,...
Victoria B. Arlington, VA
Eleora E. North Bethesda, MD
Katharine B. Washington, DC
Camille L. Bethesda, MD
Keira M. Washington, DC
El F. Takoma Park, MD
Catherine W. Stafford, VA
Talia M. Washington, DC
Ava Z. Washington, DC
Alyssa H. College Park, MD
Ryan h. Chevy Chase, MD
Chiwei H. Eau Claire, WI
Amara J. Arlington, VA
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