Put DC on the Road to Statehood

The District of Columbia is just like any community you would find in any other part of America.  As DC residents we raise our families, pay our taxes and serve on juries, we fight for our country in our nation's military and we work together to create a strong community in which our children can learn and grow. Yet, every day, every one of the 700,000 residents of the capital of the world's strongest democracy is denied the right to participate in that same democracy.

Residents in DC have no voice in the United States Senate and no vote at all in the Congress.

On November 8th, 2016 Washington DC voters went to the polls and by an overwhelming 86% said, "We Want Statehood."  

Statehood for Washington, DC is the only permanent solution to the centuries-old treatment of the residents of our Capital.  It will bring full representation to the people of Washington, DC while maintaining a Federal District as the seat of the government. 

Washington, DC can't do it without you. Please lend your name to our petition, so everyone knows you stand for Statehood.  

5734 Signatures

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Tania H. Albuquerque, NM
Sharece C. Washington, DC
Carol L. Washington, DC
Matt L. Washington, DC
Austin N. Washington, DC
Peter M. Washington, DC
Janine G. Washington, DC
Hermine D. Washington, DC
Ingrid D. Washington, DC
Josh B. Brattleboro, VT
JEFFREY Z. Washington, DC
Sarah P. Washington, DC
Rebekah M. Piedmont, CA
Holly H. Litchfield Park, A...
Jonathan A. Berkeley, CA
Frances S. Berkeley, CA
Traci W. Kansas City, MO
Jessica J. Chicago, IL
Kathryn R. Portland, OR
Arianne S. Los Angeles, CA
Katerina M. Philadelphia, PA
Shannon H. Chicago, IL
Jon E. Washington, DC
Anne E. Washington, DC
Stephanie b. Albuquerque, NM
Keri S. Washington, DC
Amanda C. Washington, DC
Maurice H. Takoma Park, MD
Ronald N. Ewa Beach, HI
Mark D. Brooklyn, NY
Ashley S. Houston, TX
Lori C. Portland, OR
Sarah B. Minneapolis, MN
Ross W. Philadelphia, PA
Codell D. Washington, DC
Adam B. Rockville, MD
SHEILA E. Washington, DC
Blake Q. Heath, TX
McKenzie P. Washington, DC
Laura P. Washington, DC
Joseph O. Reisterstown, MD
Samantha C. Washington, DC
Paige K. Washington, DC
Steven T. Washington, DC
Ashley D. San Diego, CA
Dana L. Arlington, VA
Rachel M. Somerville, MA
Ceci S. Washington, DC
Sabrina T. Washington, DC
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